What are the format requirements for my submissions?

All submissions will be in any video format that is currently accepted by YouTube.

How long does my recording have to be?

Backing Tracks will be different lengths but your submission is only required be at least 1 minute long.

Can I submit more than one entry per competition?

No only one submission per player is allowed.

Why is there a cost for the Jam Track?

Because of copyright requirements, we do not produce our own tracks but rather support musicians that do! The price is minimal and we will always try host the best track for the theme.

Do you display all of the Submissions as they are entered?

No we do not, only after all of the entries have been submitted and the judging completed we display the winners and shortlist of finalists.

What are the age limits?

You must be 18 years old to enter any of our contests.

Why is there a monthly Awards Cap and does it affect the maximum number of entires allowed?

We set a limit to maintain the quality of our submission review processes, this number is based upon our current staffing and technology and will continue to grow over time!

Yes we currently only allow up to 830 entires per month.

Do you have entry fees?

Yes, they are posted with each months competition overview

Are there specific naming requirements?

Please name your files in the format of the following example.

Your Name: Jim Smith

Song Name: A Minor Blues

Hashtag; #thebluesjam

Video File would be - Jim Smith - A Minor Blues with the hashtag #thebluesjam added to the upload

Are watermarks allowed?

No watermarks of any kind can be placed on the submissions.

Who will own the rights to the submissions to your competitions?

You retain the copyright of your work. Submissions will only be used for the sole purpose of judging and promoting the competition.

Can I modify videos that have already been submitted?

No, once an entry fee has been paid and the video have been uploaded it is not possible to modify or remove it.

How are the entries judged?

All entries will be judged by some of the hardest working and most creative blues musicians on the planet! All submissions are rated on the basis of creativity, originality, and the inspiration factor of the you playing!.

Below is a live shot of one of our evaluation pages. ​

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes! All embedded payment forms are hosted on our secure payment processor’s site on SSL servers that are both BAA (HIPAA) and PCI (DSS) level 1 compliant.

Your credit card data is never transmitted, processed, or stored by any website or the secure forms. All sensitive transaction data is transmitted directly from your browser for secure processing.

How will prizes be awarded?

All cash awards will be paid via PayPal