Who We Are

We are here to give Blues Guitar Players an improved opportunity to showcase and award their passion on an international stage

Being a blues guitar players ourselves, we love live blues jams but unfortunately do not have any in the area where we live and became frustrated with no live jamming outlet to share some of your personal expression with the world. While there are a few jam apps, or the ability to post your playing on YouTube we wanted to tie both of those experiences together in a different way, in a way that would reward great playing with some cool prizes and cash awards.

Welcome to The Blues Jam, where the bottom line and winnings are about and set up to support you!

We are a proud member of the amazing blues foundation

Their mission is to preserve blues heritage, celebrate blues recording and performance, expand worldwide awareness of the blues, and ensure the future of this uniquely American art form.

If you are not a member please visit and consider joining them at: https://blues.org/


The Colorado Blues Society is dedicated to preserving Blues heritage and increasing awareness of and appreciation for the Blues as an indigenous American art form (and the wellspring from which all contemporary popular American music originated).

To further our mission, we sponsor Blues in the Schools programs, in which musicians present music and information to students at all levels (kindergarten through college). We offer programs in American social history, women in blues, language arts, conflict avoidance, storytelling and even math. We also donate Blues-related materials (books, videos and CDs) to public libraries and offer educational programs in conjunction with those donations. We similarly work with other nonprofits, such as The Blues Foundation, Swallow Hill Music Association, The Colorado Music Hall of Fame, Blue Star Connection and The Colorado Music Business Organization.


The Austin Blues Society exists to represent the past, present and future of blues music through the education, commemoration and preservation of the rich musical history which is so prominent here in Austin and throughout Texas. We honor the many blues legends that have graced our stages, and we support and promote all of our local blues artists, both veterans and new arrivals.

We serve our community as "Ambassadors of the Blues", and strive to share our love for this culture through community events and festivals, hosted jams and concert programming, "Blues in the Schools" programming, cultural enrichment, and support for other organizations with a similar mission.

The Austin Blues Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating higher awareness and greater appreciation for this historic art form.

We have been reading Living Blues since 1986

Issue #67 - Sep 1986 Winter 1985

If you have not read an issue these are a must read and must subscribe for any Blues fan.

Each issue of Living Blues includes more in-depth interviews, color photos, and cd reviews than any other blues publication — all for only $29.95 per year and is also available in a DIGITAL edition for only $18.00 per year! Subscribe today!

Founded as America’s first blues publication in Chicago in 1970, Living Blues magazine has set the standard for blues journalism around the world. From its first issue featuring blues legend Howlin’ Wolf on the cover, Living Blues has provided fans with insightful, in-depth stories on such legendary blues artists as Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Koko Taylor, and John Lee Hooker. In addition, Living Blues focuses on true creative originals like Otha Turner, Chris Thomas King, and Super Chikan, artists often overlooked by other blues press.

Living Blues is renowned for its detailed feature stories and exceptional photography. Our contributors include the absolute best in blues journalism, including Jim O’Neal, (who co-founded Living Blues in 1970), Barry Lee Pearson, David Whiteis, Scott Barretta and photographers Jack Vartoogian, Bill Steber, and Jim Fraher. Each issue of Living Blues features current Blues News, “Breaking Out” articles on up and coming artists, and the most extensive CD and DVD review section in the business. Each issue also contains the Living Blues Radio Charts providing the music industry with one of the most accurate compilations of playlists from blues radio programmers throughout the world

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