The World's Only Monthly Online Blues Jam Competition!

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Are you a Blues Lover?

Do you play Guitar?

Would you like to share your playing with the biggest Blues Players on the planet and the world?

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You are in the right place!

We are the original and only International Online Monthly Jam Competition devoted exclusively to the Blues. The ultimate goal of our jams are to present the amazing works of talented blues players from all over the world to help them become successful in one of the most dynamic and challenging times on the global music and art scene. The Blues Jam online suite of International Jam competitions gives blues artists the opportunity to both be recognized and present their best work to the world.

First impressions do have a big impact and the largest percentage of them are now happening online. In addition to giving out some Awesome Awards, we try to help Blues Player by adding another layer of credibility though well deserved peer recognition along with some cash and cool prizes!

Our inaugural jam has been extended to April 7 2021!

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